Why Climax

CLIMAX is the only IAS RAS ACADEMY in entire Rajasthan founded, managed   and run directly by an academically highly qualified and administratively experienced Director who had been  RAS Topper. The arch of CLIMAX is its genius and real-life top achiever-director, RATAN BISHNOI. Thus, it is run by an all-round achiever who can deliver success to students because only a successful person better knows how success can be achieved. Hence, CLIMAX is the best option for students as vibrant coaching institute for transforming their dreams into reality.

Director RATAN BISHNOI has been leading CLIMAX with a dynamic team of top class subject-experts as faculties. These faculties are chosen on highly academic merit and their teaching suitability. Even after strict selection faculties are  being constantly guided, updated, monitored and evaluated by the Director in preparing class notes, teaching methods, satisfaction of students, queries of students, etc. So, we  have top faculties which ensure timely and quality coaching enabling students to excel in their life.

The class rooms are neat, clean, hygienic and fully ventilated conducive for best learning. Each batch is optimally formed in terms of no. of students so that there is no over-crowding in the class room.

There is interactive teaching-n- learning method in the class room where every student is meaningfully involved. It gives students maximum opportunity in the class to express and get their doubts cleared.  The class room teaching is focused strictly on syllabus and its practical learning by day-to-day examples. It makes learning solid and permanent helping students a lot. It raises ratio of success in competitive examinations.

There is a comprehensive research and thorough analysis of previous examinations question papers and expected questions by the subject-experts under the keen observation of Director.  On this scientific basis, unit-wise effective study material is designed, taught in class room and provided to students. Thus, we are providing best reading materials capable of giving maximum success to students.

CLIMAX has a unique method of evaluation of its students. Immediately after completion of each unit, a Unit Test of high standard is taken covering all the possible questions which may be asked in real examination. The question-wise performance of every student is thoroughly discussed in class so that entire class is benefitted. The record of every student of these Unit Tests is compiled, maintained and they are graded accordingly. Final Test covering all Units as per real-exam pattern is taken at the time of completion of syllabus for the end assessment of students.  A special short final-touch course is provided to some students who need   help even after the Final Test. We lay greater emphasis on class room problem solution and maximum practice so that students get fully acquainted with real examination. Students are given best designed Model Test Papers keeping in mind expected questions in future examination.

Personal counseling regarding course and career is done by Director himself to students so that they plan their future in advance and become successful. Above all, for personality development students are encouraged free and healthy group discussion in class room and motivational classes from time to time are taken by Director himself. CLIMAX provides free coaching to students appearing for interview. So, CLIMAX takes care of students at every stage in achieving their goal.